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Time to enjoy

Its been a busy week, but oh so much fun. A friend was staying as a guest, a fellow photographer so a great opportunity to show him around the local area and a shoot a few macro insect images as well as loads of landscapes and ‘street’ shots. Carcassonne Cite is a tourist destination, but outside the high season it is a fantastic location – around now it is still busy but in a nice way – it feels alive and bustles. Mirepoix was quietly relaxed and somewhere to lunch and stroll and enjoy the history and architecture, Roquefixade, still a lot of wildlife and fab views across the landscape to mountains between France and Spain one way and the huge plains to Toulouse the other, what’s not to like?

A couple of new ticks in the box for butterflies. Looking out the windows at 8pm and watching hundreds and hundreds of swallows and Martins flock together catching insects and flying by the window calling to their youngsters as they come together prior to heading south to Africa. Sitting in the garden at 10pm after a BBQ and looking up at the Milky Way – so many stars. Sometimes you just have to stop and let the hustle of daily life go and simply move with the rhythm of the life around you.

The Cite had a 'design' job done

Yoke getting her heat fix from the wall, 30c in September !

Montségur from Roquefixade

A Common Blue Butterfly

A Common Darter

A Small Copper

A Praying Mantis

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