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They came, they saw, they loved it here !

The last week has been fun, we have had our daughter and her partner staying and they were joined by his parents, our very good friends, on Monday for the rest of this week.

It was a good opportunity for us to play host and to act as a local guide. We wanted a balance of local and regional attractions as well as a total relax for them all so a couple of trips out were planned.

Carcassonne is a must and was duly visited and thoroughly enjoyed. Our neighbour, Nicolae Fleissig has a exibition on at the moment in the Cite Hotel - we had to visit and see his work in situ, most impressive. After that we decided to stay local for a day and lac Montbel was the focus for a great walk.

There was then a trip out to Peyrepertuse returning via the Gorge de Galamus with a stop at the Hermitage café to take a look at the hermitage, how did they build that on such a near vertical face ?

The next day we decided that Dali’s favourite seaside town of Collioure was the place to go. It was warm but cloudy and a bit breezy, but it was still very enjoyable with a great lunch out on the causeway.

In between all this the local fare was sampled and found to be most acceptable in all locations, on the previous Sunday the market at Esperaza was looked upon with great favour and the (very) mature Goats Cheese from a local producer was a resounding hit with Tay. As a Chef he has a very high standard for his ingredients and it has to be said the market lived up to those standards in all areas!

For October the weather is good, low to mid 20s with lots of sunshine intermixed with cloudy and windy weather on some days. The fields around us are full of Maize, tall as an elephants eye and golden brown, when the wind blows it’s like the sound of the sea and looking out from our windows it looks like waves as the breeze moves over it causing it to sway and ripple. I will miss it when it is harvested. The nights are drawing in now but at the moment that simply means more time to stargaze, with virtually no light pollution here the night sky is awash with stars and the air is so clear it is truly wonderful to see such splendour. The weather and the air clarity all combine to create fantastic sunsets, and sunrises !

One of the gateways into the Cite of Carcassonne

Our neighbour, Nicolae Fleissig has a exibition on at the moment in the Cite Hotel Carcassonne

A windy afternoon at Lac Montbel

enjoying the relax on the lake shore

Peyrepertuse lower keep

L'Ermitage de Saint-Antoine de Galamus

The bay at Collioure, windy and threats but no rain

Sunrise with a promise of a fantastic day

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