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The Studios are live !

We have been able to spend some time working on our studios, both are now in a workable state albeit mine still needs more storage and shelving put up. Another task we have had to address are the Gates, we have a superb set of gates to the courtyard, however they are not ‘pest’ proof. A stray cat has decided to take up residence in the area and use our courtyard and specifically the steps down to my studio as his own private latrine! Despite making him feel unwelcome and he now avoids me when he sees me his nasty habit is practiced very late at night when I am not around. So, with much thought to the style and look of the courtyard we decided on lining the gates with a green fabric, this is translucent and lets the air through and light but should prevent the stray from paying us a visit any more. During the day the gates are open when we are in and late evening we close them or when we are out and about during the day so hopefully it will break the habit and return peace to the courtyard.

A few pictures of our studios are below, Yoke’s studio will also double up as a library and a music room, my studio doubles up as the overflow garage and the general store room, nevertheless we both have sufficient space to be creative and to allow us to invite others who may wish to do the same to visit, in the future we will be able to offer ‘taster’ sessions in Jewellery Making and in Fused Glass work and Lampwork Bead making.

Yoke's Studio part 1 - the library and music end

Yoke's Studio part 2, the sewing and jewellery end.

Mark's Studio, the Fused Glass side

Mark's studio work bench - with the next project laid out to be started

The Gates with their new hanging.

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