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Time moves on, well that’s normal anyway! We have had a couple of clear cold nights with a frost evident in the mornings, but fair to say the day then progresses into a beautiful blue sky with temp going up to 10c so not complaining in any way given the time of year.

I work with glass and create fused glass pieces and lampwork beads, Yoke makes the beads into fab jewellery to sell on her Etsy Shop, Due to all with work we have been doing on the Gite Yoke has had to put a hold on the online shop at the moment but we are now at the good place where she will be able to get back to being fully open again soon. My beads are only a small part of her Jewellery, Yoke is very skilled at creating beautiful jewellery from precious, semi precious stones and precious metals with all her fixtures and fittings being made of sterling silver.

I mainly make fused glass objects that have a ‘use’ as in coasters and bowls etc., a friend sells them for me in her gallery However to grow my skills, have fun and be creative I am attempting to develop a ‘art’ side to my glass work and one of my recent pieces was inspired by the poppies we saw at Camon, I wanted to not only create it in glass but to show it off, its taken a while, but I have now mounted it in Bamboo in the garden.

I have also started playing a bit more with pictures in Glass and including items from nature, with a bit of work a fallen leaf is immortalised in glass, yes the actual leaf was fused to the glass to give the definition, you can not only see the veins but they create a 3d texture to the glass surface. Using coloured glass powder I can retain the leaf colours to show what it looked like before fusing.

A small dish about 15cm x 15cm

Poppies at Camon - inspiration

Poppies, my art glass rendering from the photo inspiration

Autumn Leaf - you can see the remains of the actual leaf.

Bamboo Garden, inspired by our friends garden where I got our Bamboo from

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