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Summer over? Not here, not yet!

So as we sit here in the evening we see huge flocks of Swallows and Martins getting together and ‘murmurating’ around us, I guess up north the summer is over then, they are getting together to move down further south to Africa. I have to say it is an awesome sight and a moving experience to see thousands of these lovely birds flying around us at roof level and up into the clouds in a warm and dry evening as we sit on the mezzanine in the windows with our feet on the roof.

We still have days of mid 20s degree sunshine and good numbers of butterflies and Dragonflies are out and about.

The figs are ripe and the butterflies are really loving them, as well as the hornets and wasps. But, seeing a Two Tailed Pasha, Charaxes jasius enjoying them by the side of the road in Chalabre makes it okay, the hornets and wasps are not a bother in reality, give them respect and they return the compliment.

My favourite find this week was Autumn Ladies Tresses, Spiranthes spiralis in the garden, so far 7 spikes with a promise of more to come. Looking at our favourite 2mt square roadside verge on a walk today we see them there as well, so that’s 8 species of orchid on the single spot by the side of the road since May!

Swallows in the Willow

Two Tailed Pasha

Autumn Ladies Tresses, with spider !

Sunset, looking toward Ste Colombe sur L'Hers

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