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Still some summer left!

Summer keeps on going, mid 20’s here this week with wall to wall blue skies. Our neighbours have asked us to take pity on their figs, they have taken all they want and there is still a lot of fruit left on the tree. So we have fresh figs in our fruit salad in the evening from the tree to our bowl and Yoke has made a scrumptious fig tart, some of that went back to them, much to their appreciation.

We had a bit of a day out earlier in the week visiting our friends nr Lavelanet. The ladies went to a lunch meeting with other ladies and then on return they retired to the hot tub. Meanwhile Paul and I went for a walk along the path behind their home with cameras. The idea was to get to the top of the ‘hill’ behind their house, well we did, and then went for a wander along the ridge. All in all it ended up a 12k walk! However, the views were well worth it. We managed to get a few butterfly shots while wandering along including a new tick for me, Langs Short-tailed Blue, Leptotes pirithous amongst a lot of other ‘blues’. I managed to spot their resident Red Squirrel on return, seems they do like Walnuts, a bit of hard noisy work to get into one but I guess worth the work for them.

I have spent more time this week on the fourth image for the Botanical Orchid commission that I have, its coming along and should join the other three as printed images in a week or so but that’s as far as I can go this year as I need two more images to complete the set and I cannot now take them till spring next year when the orchids I need to have images of are in flower again.

Our home here in France becomes more ‘our home’, we have installed a breakfast bar in the kitchen. The fitting is temporary at this time until we find the unit we really want to go under it but it looks good for now. I have made a set of coasters to go with it that match the tiles in the centre of the kitchen floor, so it all ties in nicely.

Everyone who has stayed at the Gite so far has been very complimentary about it and what we have created, it is always nice to have confirmation that the work we have done is appreciated and it is so nice to breathe a sigh of relief that we did get it right!

Looking to Lac Montbel from the ridge

Langs Short-tailed Blue, Leptotes pirithous

Great Banded Grayling, Brintesia circe

Red Squirrels like walnuts too !

Military Orchid, Orchis militaris. An extract of the Botanica version.

New breakfast bar, with coasters to match the tiles

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