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Staying Local

Well we have been a bit busy, a booking for our Gite for over Christmas is in the offing, we shall see next week if it turns out to be firm. We have done a bit more decorating and added a few more personal touches to make it more ‘homely’.

I have been busy in my atelier and made some Christmas decorations for our tree, Yoke has been busy in her atelier making a commission, a pair of earrings, the lady has received them and loves them a lot.

We took a small amount of time out to pick the olives from our tree and I looked up how to ‘cure’ them, seems its quite simple, remove stones and soak in brine water to remove the bitterness and then re-salt water them to your own taste, it takes about 3 weeks or so. Only another week or so to go and we can have a pizza with our own olives!

Last Friday was ‘Open Mic’ evening at Le Stop Pub café, an excellent evening with some very talented locals, French guitarwork and songs, Portuguese guitar and songs and some Catalan/Spanish guitar and songs. Our hostess Lucy also performed as she is a professional singer. In all a fantastic night in very good company and we shall return for the next one.

We also went to Le Stop Pub café on another evening to get out and have a walk to the local village and start to integrate more as well as have a drink and chat, it was most enjoyable and I have to say we succumbed to the allure of a bowl of chips, wow, they were fantastic, fresh cut and cooked there and then, we ate them with just a bit of salt on them, oh and a carafe of local red wine, really good and I suspect this order will feature in a few repeat nights out!

The name of the establishment is a play on the UK 'Pub' concept and an interesting use of a ‘legal’ statement in France, you will get a lot of mailshot ‘junk’ mail in your mailbox if you do not put a statement along the lines of this on your mailbox - PAS DE PUB PUBLICITE MERCI SVP. In effect, stop pub ‘no free post thank you’

The café has its own page on facebook and its own web page and advertises its evenings, worth checking out and a visit if you are in the area.

Christmas baubles - aprox 5cm across each

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