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Snow on the Mountaintops

Well autumn is well into its stride and winter is biting at its heels, we have been painting shutters and doing lots of ‘domestic’ things this week, not been out a lot but fair to say when we have we have had fun.

Our usual weekly trip over to Alaigne happened and old friends were greeted and tapas and wine was consumed with much pleasure while catching up with the local news.

The wildlife is making a more daring show now it is colder, deer, boar, birds of prey and others are more often seen than previously. The local fields have a good number of Grey Herons and a few Great Egrets in them hunting for food. Black and Red Kites are now increasing in number in the area.

The nights are certainly colder so the cats are staying in, I cannot blame them.

Mind you it has to be said that on a sunny day it still gets into double digits, even reaching up to 12c on a nice day, however the mountains have their first white coat on and so it wont be long before the winter sports are in full swing.

We are taking the time to enjoy the sun whenever it is out and the local farmers are getting the last crops in now for this year with the fields from the early crops showing autumn planted brassicas growing well for spring already.

The first snow on the mountain tops - winter fun begins

Staying in and staying warm !

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