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On two wheels

The weather has remained kind and while we get some clear sharp nights with ground frost, they are made worthwhile by stunning views of the sky at night here, this area of France has no major industrial centres and so has little if any atmospheric pollution haze, add to that its an area of agriculture and small villages/hamlets in the country so no light pollution either and the night sky is breathtaking in its beauty. I will look into astrophotography soon but may wait till the nights are a bit warmer !

We have had a good number of sunny days this last week so on one of them we decided to check out the Voie Verte that runs past our home and Gite a bit more. We have already cycled to Chalabre, it’s a great way to get to town and to do a shop especially on Market day, but this time we decided to go the other way towards Monsegur.

The Voie Verte is the old railway line so there are no serious inclines to make cycling difficult for those of us that simply wish to bimble along, initially the intent was to simply go along to the next village to see how that went, but then I recalled seeing what I thought was a tunnel further on from the village while we were driving home along the road, yep, there was! In the end we did 12k to Lavelanet, it was a very pleasant cycle ride and the route comes out across the road from a lovely café, perfect! So a Café and pain au raisin for Yoke, and a Café allongé for me and a pain au chocolat. It took us about 2hr from home to café as we were in no rush to get there. The cycle back was slightly quicker as there was a gentle slope downhill on parts of it and we got home knowing we had cycled a bit but not in any way uncomfortable, 24k all in all with a really nice break at the turn around. Next time we will head to Mirpoix, that’s about twice the distance so it will be a day out on a Monday to coincide with the market and lunch in one of the cafes.

The whole route, we are outside Ste Colombe sur L'Her toward Chalabre

The Tunnel - the lights come on as you enter it !

Route signage is good

and its in english as well !

My fellow cyclist in the sunshine

The reward after 12k cycling in lovely sunshine - its a hard life

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