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Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Hi, this is the first of I hope, many blog posts about our adventure in south west France. We are now the proud owners of a fantastic home that includes a 3 bedroom Gite that we are making available to guests at a fixed rate across the year, we really dont see why parents who are not willing to take their children out of school should be penalised when it comes to holidays.

I will add some photos and things we do and see and discover on a regular basis to help you see the area and its attractions, I think it may feature wild Orchids and Butterflies a bit as they are both a passion of mine and the wildlife / natural history of this area is outstanding. I hope to help you decide to visit us and enjoy this unspoilt corner of France. At the moment its Sunflower time - my impression of the fields of sunflowers, the leaves are a heavy dark blueish green against the deep yellow of the petals.

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