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Mellow Fruitfulness

My timekeeping seems to have slipped a bit, still painting shutters and fixing the brackets they hang on so they work properly. The weather has been a mixed bag with crisp clear cold nights but some days in the high teens with wall to wall sunshine, the snow on the mountains has receded a bit but there is no fooling us, it is there to stay till 2019!

We are seeing a lot more Red Kites now, but the striking addition to the local wildlife are the Great Egrets we are seeing in good numbers now, 25+ on Lac Montbel today. They are very shy and don’t hang around for close portraits but group shots flying in formation seem to be okay, the local Grey Herons are hanging out with their more exotic cousins making an interesting contrast. We are expecting more water fowl to appear now, a couple of Egyptian Geese were serenely floating around and a few teal were to be seen on the fringes of the Mallard flock, but even now, early November there are also dragonflies on the wing and Butterflies, it really is a mixed message.

We are looking forward to our first winter here and what it may bring, this years spring was described repeatedly to us as ‘this is not normal’ so we shall see if that happens to winter or if we are treated to a 'normal' winter.

The sunrises on most days are lovely and often outperform the sunsets, the farmer has finally got in his crop so we have been ‘exposed’ we can now be seen from the road! It appears to be a ‘tradition’ that some locals glean the field for those cobs the harvester misses, as well as any fungi that has grown in the field that is edible. ‘Waste not, want not’ is very clearly a lifestyle here. One to be lauded.

Early morning mist

Great Egrets with Grey Heron leading at Lac Montbel

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