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Local wildlife

Well we have been here for a few months and working hard to get the Gite ready for guests. Now it is ready and waiting.

During those months we did not actually work flat out, well, not all the time anyway. We also spent time exploring and enjoying the area that we have chosen to make our home and to learn about it so we could share that knowledge with you when you visit.

For me apart from the history and beauty of the landscape both natural and man-made, the flora and fauna are the great interest. My passion for photography enables me to capture a lot of the beauty around us and showcase it to you via this blog. One area that has quietly astonished me is the wealth of local wild orchids, we limited ourselves to a 30 min walk in one direction along the road that leads to Lac Montbel, over the course of three months I counted and photographed over 16 different orchid specie, some of which are rare or are not present in the UK at all.

My photographs have been enjoyed my many and resulted in some commissions, I have developed a ‘Botanical’ style for the orchids to show them off, all were photographed in the wild and not harmed in any way. I am only showing a few here as the internet is no respecter of Copyright.

The butterflies are another area of passion for me and the wealth of butterflies in this region take some getting used to, we are blessed with a variable terrain from low farmland to high near Alpine meadows within a hrs drive, this multiplies the diversity of the flora and fauna hugely compared to many areas. Below are a few of the orchids and butterflies I have so far recorded including a personal life tick for me an Apollo Butterfly. As the year progresses I will continue to add to the species list I am keeping and it will be available as part of the Gite welcome pack.

Fragrant Orchid

A Serapias orchid, prob Serapias lingua

A Brimstone on a Pyramidal orchid

A Wood White butterfly

A Heath Fritillary

A Dark Green Fritillary

A Berger's Clouded Yellow

An Apollo, a life tick for me

Red Helleborine

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