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Fab February

The weather has been fantastic for February, not sure if this is ‘normal’ but certainly not complaining about it. The last week has been wall to wall sunshine and blue skys with mid teen temps every day, the insect life has loved it with a good number of butterflies about as well as hoverflies out and about. The Bumblebee queens are also in evidence seeking a location to nest and start the next generation. The lizards are out and about on the roof and where the stones in the walls catch the sun and heat up attracting insects – if there is food to be had they will be ready and waiting!

A few early flowers with more expected if this continues, the only concern is if we have (and to be fair I expect one) a cold snap, that will set things back and may have a serious impact on late spring insect life, but we shall see. The mountains still have white tops as the nights are crisp and cold with ground frost and at altitude the day temp will be lower despite the sunshine.

The craft side continues with Yoke and Ella producing new jewellery for their Etsy shops, I have played a bit with glass and created a few more bits to go to our friends gallery for sale and I am experimenting with printing Botanical drawing style photos of the local orchids on blank A6 cards to see if there is any interest in that as well.

Gite bookings are picking up but I think we are victims of the total lack of clarity on the March exit and the impact of that on travel to the EU, will you need a visa? If so, how much? How far ahead of travel do you need to apply for one? etc. Ah well as my mum used to say, it will all come out in the wash, whatever happens it is what we deal with and get on with life.

A trip up to Roquefixarde rewarded us with Ella getting an opportunity to enjoy a bit of snow without a huge trek up a mountain, a snowball or two were thrown for the look of it. The views were as always worth the effort.

Hoverfly Scaeva selenitica

Bumblebee Queen

Common Lizard

Snowdrops growing wild


Ella modelling her jewellery

Snowballs - just for fun

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