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Autumn starts here !

Apologies to all for the lack of blog last week, we were in Wales visiting friends and family and did not get back until mid week – I just never caught up.

Well the weather continues into October with warm and sunny days, albeit cool nights. A bit of a Disney thing going on as well with rain mostly at night. Clearly the temperature is not as high as summer but low to mid 20 degrees is okay.

Our eldest daughter and her partner have joined us for a few weeks to relax after working hard over summer, he is a Chef and she is a Chalet Manager / Hostess, they were working in Majorca for a company that rents out Luxury holiday villas to the rich and famous. It is pretty much full a on 24hrs a day 7 days a week job for the whole of summer so they need a break before the next job. We had the obligatory walk around Lac Montbel and Yoke and Ella managed to spot a Viperine water snake - it had clearly dined on a fish and was not wanting to move! They are totally harmless (unless you are a fish) and will disappear before you see them on most occasions

I am part way through painting the shutters on our home, a long time ago a favourite song of ours was by Chris de Burgh, ‘Satin Green Shutters’ to be honest I never thought I would be able to do this but we now have a house with shutters so I am painting them green to make good on a young mans promise so many years ago.

There are still butterflies and other wildlife around so my nature photography continues capturing the transient beauty of the area before it slumbers till spring.

It was a neighbours birthday yesterday and we were of course invited to the party along with 20 – 30 other people. We wimped out at about 1am after a fantastic evening meeting new people, a most welcoming community, everyone was so friendly, the hard core stayed over and continued into lunchtime today – the wine had to be finished ! There was no rowdiness or noise that you may expect at an all-night party just a very relaxed enjoyable gathering and celebration, and loads of great music ( heavy and loud but thick stone walls) . The party had a theme, Chic trash, so you dress chic with some ‘trash’ element, it was interesting to see people interpretation and their outfits.

Rincewind enjoying the evening Autumn sun

Viperine water snake

Violet Dropwing - Trithemis annulata

Autumn sun - Sailing


Chic with a bin bag bussle !

Not sure what was said !

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