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An apple a day – did not seem to keep anyone away !

The weather has been changeable but the temperature this week has been low to mid teens across the week and up to 21c today. This weekend was the Apple Festival in Mirepoix, a splendid occasion with vintage tractors, classic cars and apples and all the derivatives of apples you can think of for view or sale.

The shutters have been painted for our home and so we now have ‘satin green shutters’ well if you accept ‘satin’ as the paint finish that is.

More clearing and organising in the ateliers means that both Yoke and I can now do our art in relative comfort and not have to worry about space or leaving things out part finished, a huge change from before when we would have to re-pack everything and then unpack it again when we wanted to progress any work we were doing. My atelier now has space for beadmaking, glass fusing and beer brewing as well as random bits of woodwork etc and at a push I can still park the car in there as well !

Yoke has embarked on practicing new skills in jewellery making and completed a set of earrings utilising skills she first learnt in the UK but has only now had time and space to relearn, and very nice they are.

We have both had commissions and have worked on them, some completed and delivered to very happy customers, some outstanding awaiting nature and the seasons to roll around to spring again so I can get the image needed.

There has been interest in renting the Gite in 2019 and we await with bated breath the first firm booking.

Autumn is here now as evidenced by the bird migrations and the changes we are seeing in the local population as different species show up and settle in around us. The trees are changing colour and are looking fantastic, I am waiting for the mountainsides to get into full colour and will spend some enjoyable time finding good locations to record the beauty around us.

'Satin' Green Shutters

Buy them by the 5kg bag

Dont forget the Juice

Choose your favourite type

Scratting, then pressed on the spot to make fresh juice

One of the Vintage cars on show

Music on stage

Music directly for you

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