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A New Year proceeds along

Well it has been a while since I updated the blog, Snow is here and settled in places, the mountains have a good cover much to the relief of the ski sites !

There are a few hardy spring flowers open, and on the warmer sunny days a few hardy insects brave the weather and the hungry birds to chance a opportunistic feed. There are a few Hoverflies around, mostly the same species here as in UK, but a few additional different ones, so I do need to pay attention this year. Another insect group to start to get more educated in is going to be Grasshoppers and Crickets, once the sun is out so are they, often hard to spot even when you can hear them so close by but worth a close look as they are quite variable, a few photos from over the last few months or so.

Saddleback Bush Cricket

Field cricket

Rufus Grasshopper

Wood Cricket

Hard to believe we have been here nearly a year already, we signed the final papers for the house on 28th April, but had been over here a few times between January and April to view, and visit friends and then do the initial visit to the Notaire, then the final sign and got our hands on the keys. I suspect it was one of the quickest sales the immobilier had dealt with for a while, the property was put on the market end of Nov 2017, we saw it on the web site and booked a visit and made the offer in the January of 2018! I hear stories of houses on the market here for 3 or more years not being unusual.

There is a fundamental mind-set change needed from UK to here in home ownership, in the UK purchasing a house has become a purchase to invest and increase wealth concept – move every few years or so to go ‘up’ the housing ladder is the norm rather than simply having a family home to live in. Here in France a house is not a financial investment – its a place to live so if you ever think of buying here don’t factor in a potential financial growth return on your purchase, simply factor in ‘do I want to live there / holiday there for a long time ?’ If at the end of the day you do sell and make a profit (its unusual unless you purchase a ‘derelict’ and renovate it) well done, you are the exception!

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